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What is the Gatto Assessments 360 Measurement Tool?

It is Interpersonal Working Associations Inventory (IWAI) and The Leadership 360 Profile Assessment developed by Rex Gatto and has been used with thousands of people to enhance performance and efficiency through the 360 ̊ feedback process. The participant completes the assessment and asks a minimum of 5, but up to 10 work associates including bosses, peers and subordinates, to anonymously complete assessments about the participant.

In addition to a numerical rating section, the inventory also includes customized, open-ended questions related to each participant.

What Happens to Completed Assessments?

We provide a report and customized narrative to each participant with the following information:

  • Evaluation of self-performance
  • Perceptions of associates are analyzed and presented
  • Strengths and opportunities for development
  • Similarities and differences between how the participants and associates interpret skills and performance
  • Written narrative by the associates on strengths, areas for development, and interpersonal skills
  • General comments from the associates
  • A plan of action to enhance performance

What Information Will Be Provided?

Results from all the assessments are tabulated and an individual profile is created for each participant. Profiles are created for the team, organization, and individual depending on the need.

What Will the Assessment Do for My Organization?

Through the 360 ̊ process, a participant, team, or organization can identify, focus on, and promote quality performance. A participant can use the information for personal development and enhanced quality job production. The focus of the 360 ̊ assessments is to help each individual implement a personalized process to work more productively.

High Quality Feedback

Gatto Assessments prides itself on providing high quality feedback through written responses and number ratings. The written responses give the participant in-depth, personalized feedback.

Gatto Assessments