Anatomy of a CPA 360 Assessment

//Anatomy of a CPA 360 Assessment
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The Anatomy of a CPA 360 Assessment creates a benchmark for professional development by identifying the strengths of the participant and targeting areas that need to be developed. This 360 evaluation for CPAs measures characteristics and skills based on Gatto Associates 17 key performance indicators.

The assessment is completed by a participant, and up to ten respondents (the participant’s work associates, including partners, peers and staff). These respondents anonymously complete assessments, which include numerical ratings and customized, open-ended questions related to the participant.

The report generated includes the self-performance evaluation compared with respondent’s evaluations, numerical based assessments and written narratives as to strengths and opportunities for development for the participant, general comments for the participant from associates, and an action plan to enhance performance. This is an effective tool for mentoring people developmentally.

Optional: A Team Report can be generated if at least four participants complete the full assessment. There is no additional charge for this report.

Gatto Assessments has developed CPA assessments throughout 25 years of research resulting from working directly with accounting firms. For Partners and Managers, our assessments offer the ability to identify future leaders within the firm through comprehensive evaluations that are designed to uncover the attributes and abilities of high achievers. Gatto Assessments evaluation tools provide employees, at all levels within a firm, the opportunity to identify their areas of strength as well as target areas for development. Partners often select the firm’s training programs based on the results of individual or organizational assessments. Our CPA assessment series demonstrates our strong commitment to taking the guesswork out of people development.